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The Hogs WIN and It’s Super Bowl Week!

Boy, Monday’s are so much better after the Hogs win. We had Harry King in studio to talk about the game and give his thoughts on the upcoming Super Bowl.

We will be making our top NFL QB bracket this week and we want to know what are your top 5 QB’s (past or present). Put your 5 in the comments section below. These guys need to have won a Super Bowl. We will have another bracket on the top 5 QB’s that have never won a Super Bowl. Put those 5 on the comments section below as well.

Al Watkins from the Butcher Shop brought steaks in this morning! If you want a mighty fine steak, make sure you check out the Butcher Shop in West Little Rock.

In the final hour, we had the guys from Sanders Ground Essentials in to talk about how to make your lawn looking great as we get closer to the spring season.

And to wrap up the show we had Attorney General canidate Nate Steel in studio to talk about his upcoming campaign.

Tomorrow, we want to know your favorite person named “Joe.”

Thanks for listening!