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Wednesday in The Zone we are happy to have things back to normal as Wally Hall joins us thanks to Deltic Timber. In this segment we preview tonight’s Razorback Men’s basketball game that you can hear on the buzz.

Next up we spend some time discussing coaching. We talk about different programs and who could go where. During the show we also find out that Bobby Petrino will probably be headed back to Louisville.

Former Razorback Muskie Harris was also on the show today. He stops by first to talk about the MLK 5k. Wally Hall shares his experience with one of these walks in the past.

Muskie sticks around and we talk some college football. We discuss different player positions and which ones pay the best in the NFL.

In our Zone Segment of the Day we hear from the nutty as a fruitcake Dennis Rodman. This clown is back in North Korea with his BFF and we hear his bizarre ranting on CNN. We also hear from the NBA’s David Stern who does a good job of distancing the organization from Rodman’s actions.

Our MLB guy Phil Elson was also on with us today. In this segment we talk about the MLB Hall of Fame inductees including the namesake of the youngest Acri.

From Dugan’s Pub we are joined by Don Dugan. Little Rock has been named by Forbe’s as one of the “5 secret foodie cities” and we discuss this while enjoying some of Dugan’s great sandwiches.

Coming up Thursday we will recap the Hog game and talk some NFL with Michael Schottey from Bleacher Report. As always, we thank you for listening to The Zone from 10 to 1 with Justin Acri!