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Thursday in The Zone we have to do the inevitable…and that is discuss the Razorback loss at Tennessee. It could have been a win last night but we discuss what went wrong this time.

In this segment we hear from callers. They call to weigh in on the loss and among the callers in this segment is Sterling from Centeridge.

On to happier things we are joined by a Zone favorite today. In studio to talk tonight’s UALR Trojan game as well as some NBA was “Big” Joe Kleine.

Richard Sherman’s comments after Seattle’s win this week have been a major point of discussion in the media this week. In this segment we hear more from Sherman as he explains why he the word “Thug” rubs him the wrong way.

Our next segment is “What the Hell?” Today we find out about Cows and the methane they produce.

Calling in from L.A. was musician Barrett Baber. He won the Grammy Gig of a Lifetime and called in to share with us his experience.

With both Super Bowl teams this year coming from state’s that have legalized recreational marijuana sales the late night guys are all coming up with similar jokes. In this segment we hear the Super Bowl pot jokes as told by our favorite late night hosts.

Also, we get Jeff “Money” Taylor’s Oaklawn picks for the day. In Race 1 he picked #1, Race 2) #3, the feature Race 8) #7 and Long shot Race 6) #11.

Friday we will be live from The Arkansas State Fairgrounds for the Arkansas Big Buck Classic. As always, we thank you for listening to The Zone from 10 to 1 with Justin Acri!