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Justin and Pat were back together Friday but were on the road at Mobile Destination in Beebe. Early in the show today we talked to a special guest from Stuttgart named Bryan Hancock. His son, Price, is 13 years old and currently fighting brain cancer. Price’s story made it’s way to Peyton Manning who left a voicemail for Price. Peyton latter got a hold of Price and they talked at length and in this emotional segment we hear Bryan talk about his son’s experience with the Bronco’s QB.

We have our Champs and Chumps today. Obviously you have to give a Champ card to Peyton for reaching out to Price. We also hear who the Chumps are from the week too however.

Could be some sketchy weather this weekend but today the horses are running at Oaklawn. Jeff Taylor calls in and gives us his picks for today.

In what was a funny but odd segment, Pat learns a new term. I thought everyone had heard the term “Beard” but somehow this one slipped under his radar.

Today we also have the Matty T. Minute. This week we have the sadomasochistic Valentine’s Day film 50 Shades of Grey to talk about.

Of course, no week is complete without the Zone Rewind.

We will be back Monday. Remember, don’t text and drive!