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Wednesday in The Zone was thankfully a bit more upbeat than the first two shows this week. Monday we had the whole Tony Stewart thing and then yesterday we were still wrapping our heads around the Robin Williams story. Well finally, we can get back to joking around a bit and talking some sports. You may remember about two weeks ago we were introduced to Mike Waddell. He was a new hire by the Razorbacks to handle their fan and media relations but he has already quit. In this segment we discuss that and also the other latest Razorback news.

An NFL player that goes by the name of Orlando Scrandick has been suspended for failing a drug test. Turns out he was down in Mexico and couldn’t stay there long enough to get the “Molly” out of his system before he got back to the states. I’m not an expert by any means, but I think “Molly” is the stuff that makes Miley Cyrus act so freaking weird.

We haven’t talked to Michael Felder from Bleacher Report in awhile. Well today he’s back with an opinion that differs from out own Justin Acri’s.

Our buddy Nate Olson was in from Sync Weekly. He was in to talk about the new issue which focus’s on food this week. On a side note, “Nasty” Nate , as he is affectionately called by only me (Matty T), turns 40 this week and is headed to “Nasty” New Orleans to celebrate. Happy Birthday Nate dog!

It’s also shark week. With all the discussion about suicide and depression yesterday we skipped our top ten list. Hopefully it won’t contribute to the rise in alcoholism, but today’s list is the top ten drinking games to play during shark week.

Seriously, if you have a problem with alcohol, please seek help. Just because it’s socially acceptable to drink doesn’t mean everyone can handle it the same. On that note I will leave you with some stand up from Robin Williams on the subject. Contains language NSFW.

Until tomorrow, we thank you for being with us in The Zone from 10 to 1.