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Monday in The Zone we had a very special guest. Joining us a couple days early was the one and only Wally Hall presented to us by the great folks at Deltic Timber. Wally was at the Razorback practice camp over the weekend and gives us the inside scoop.

The big story today was Tony Stewart and the young man he killed when his car he was racing at a dirt track struck him. There were many varied opinions on what happened and we got some great calls from racing fans to fill us in on the details we were missing. That’s what we discuss at length in this segment which actually starts off talking about the return of Jermain Taylor to the ring.

There was some exciting PGA action over the weekend too. Nobody was killed fortunately and a baby faced Rory Mcilroy emerged victorious over an aging Phil Mickelson. Phil still claims his best days are ahead of him.

From The Arkansas Rice Depot we are joined by Lauren. She is on to tell us how they are raising money for children around the state who don’t have enough to eat on a daily basis.

Tuesday we will be back and until then, we thank you for listening to The Zone from 10 to 1!