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Diet destination in sight…

I wanted to give another quick update on the progress of the HCG diet I have been on with the help of the folks at New Creations Medical Weight Loss Clinic…newcreationshcg.co.

One thing I can tell you for sure is that in 11 years of doing radio I cannot remember a single thing we have done that I have been asked about more. Everything from “how does it work?” to “what can you eat?” to “are you going to beat Roger?” who I am competing against in the Fat Fight ’14.

I am thrilled to say that as of this morning I am down 20.5 pounds in the span of 20 days. From 207.8 to 187.2. I never thought it was possible. It has taken a lot of discipline and some great encouragement from my family, friends and the folks at New Creations to get me to a weight I have not seen since 1994 (not to mention a little help from HCG)!

It was not lost on me that my weight is the same number as section 187 of the California Penal Code which deals with murder (rap fans I am sure you are aware). Coincidentally, I have been straight up KILLING fat for three weeks. I look so much better and feel fantastic. An unpromoted part of this plan is that my head feels amazingly clear and I feel so mentally strong. It turns out denying yourself of your cravings can have a fantastic side-effect!

I have just a couple days left on the 500 calories (phase two) and I will be tansitioning into phase three next week which halts the use of HCG and moves me to a less restrictive 1500 calorie diet. That maintenance phase goes three weeks and then I go on to live a healthier life with a more informed approach to food and beverages-which at their core are the fuel that powers our bodies. I lost sight of that for a long time and used them to celebrate, to wallow and to indulge. I will still do some of that on occasion, but far less and with my eyes wide open. I now have a far greater appreciation for what kind of calories each food has to offer (did you realize a teaspoon of soy sauce has 9 calories? Me neither. Oh, and the human head weighs EIGHT POUNDS).

Another question I have gotten from listeners is “Is it safe?” I am not a doctor, but I did go to my regular doctor this week for an allergy shot and he was encouraging and said “Hey, it’s working and that’s a good thing. Oh, and how much more do you need to lose to catch Roger?” That made me feel even better about what I’m doing. And also made me wonder, when does my doctor has time to listen to my show?

I would never say that this diet is for everyone. I will say that if you are like me and for 5, 10, 20, 50 years have been saying “I sure would like to lose 20 pounds” then this is a great plan to give a shot. I always wanted to shrink my middle. And now I have. If you have 50+ pounds to lose to get to a healthier you, I have to think this is also a great plan to utilize.

Losing weight takes a great plan a little discipline and some great follow through. If you are willing to take that step then quit thinking about it and do it!

I will get back to you in a few months on this and let you know how successful I have been at the most important part…KEEPING the weight off.