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Thursday in The Zone was a special broadcast as we do our best to help with the tornado relief. We were live in three locations (not counting the studio) which included Rj and Jeremy at Jim’s Razorback Pizza in Maumelle, Tommy, David and Roger at M and M Truck Stop in El Paso and Justin and Pat were at the Sonic in Mayflower. We were beyond happy with the turnout today as we were getting supplies and donations dropped off left and right.

We had several reports from callers that FEMA trucks were on the roads headed towards Mayflower and Vilonia. From FEMA we talked to Peter who told us how much relief the government will actually provide for the victims and gave us all the information for people to register. He said even if you have insurance and you were affected you should still register because they will help with clean up as well as rent and other support.

The SWNN’s hotline sponsor is Lake Liquor. Shawn joins us from Lake Liquor who lost someone close and he shares his experience with us and let’s us know just exactly is needed as far as donations go.

There is also a charity baseball game going on at Dickey Stephens Park next week. In this segment we find out about the game which will be free to attend but they will be accepting donations.

We do talk some sports today. In this segment we have a bit of a preview of the Kentucky Derby.

In a bit of WTF news we find out about a guy who died after falling into a fortune cookie machine. We also find out that children who eat chicken on the bone are more aggressive.

We have a busy show Friday as we will be live from Sunrise Polaris in Searcy. As always, we thank you for listening to The Zone from 10 to 1!