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It was a busy Zone on this Wednesday and we are always happy to be joined by Wally Hall thanks to our friends at Deltic Timber. We never know what will start a hot topic but today we had a caller named BG that called in with a question. He wanted to know why there are not more African-American players in college baseball. We got all sorts of calls on this topic that all culminated with a phone call on the Stickyz hotline from the UAPB head baseball coach.

Justin decided to blow our minds in this segment. He tells us exactly how many players who have won Majors but are never heard from again. After finding out I had to spend the next break removing pieces of my brain and skull from the ceiling.

Movies in the park start tonight. First up is Man of Steel. Despite that being the first movie most of them look pretty good and Diana Long joins us to tell us the full line up.

There’s also NBA finals going on in case you missed the memo. In this segment we recap Game 3 and hear some highlights and post game sound. We also talk about Derek Fisher and hear from Phil Jackson.

We will be back tomorrow and until then, we thank you for listening to The Zone from 10 to 1 with Justin and Pat!