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1 day ago

103.7 THE BUZZ

This time of year at The Buzz, we have one word that is our favorite. It's the "F-word." ... See MoreSee Less

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1 day ago

103.7 THE BUZZ

Cost Plus Furniture presents Abilene, a 3 year old female Pointer available for adoption at the Little Rock Animal Village.

Abilene is easy like Sunday morning. She likes other dogs, she likes kids, she’s potty trained, and she’s as sweet as she looks. She’s a spunky little sweetheart that’ll make someone a perfect running buddy and best friend. At 40lbs, she’s a great size to ride shotgun on your adventures, then pile up on the couch next to you when it’s time to wind down.

If you’re looking for a speckled furry friend, visit Abilene at the Little Rock Animal Village. Just $90 covers her adoption, including her vetting and city license.

The Little Rock Animal Village is full of wonderful dogs and cats, young and old. Visit them Tuesday-Saturday 10am-5pm at 4500 Kramer Street off South University, right behind Cost Plus Furniture Warehouse. To inquire about Abilene, call 501-376-3067 and ask about Animal #48936.

Thank you so much to Cost Plus Furniture Warehouse in Little Rock, North Little Rock, and Malvern for helping The Little Rock Animal Village save homeless pets like Abilene !
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2 days ago

103.7 THE BUZZ

Good morning Tune in! ... See MoreSee Less

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Going Deep with Nate Olson – June 29

A Letter to Carson Shaddy

Dear Carson,

I know we don’t know each other, but I felt compelled to write you after seeing the multitude of criticism you’ve taken after your Hogs lost Game 2 of the College World Series Finals series.

I admire you for two reasons. First, as a sports writer of 20 years and someone who has chronicled this team the past few years with opinion pieces, I like how you play the game. I’ve always enjoyed writing about “the grinders” as I call them. The guys who have to work a little extra hard to get in the lineup. Throughout its broadcast of the CWS, ESPN reminded viewers that you didn’t have a scholarship – that UA Coach Dave Van Horn saw you play in the state tournament with Fayetteville High School and remembered playing with your dad and gave you a shot. But, you weren’t just some role player utility guy, you were close to leading this mighty lineup in homes and your defense at second base was slick. You were the leader of this team. Secondly, as a father of two young boys, who adore Razorbacks baseball, I admire you because your story is a good model for them. They listened when ESPN sideline reporter Laura Rutledge talked about how you mentored freshman Casey Martin, and how he calls you, “Dad.” You are in that group of their favorite players, and when that ball was dropped they weren’t blaming anyone, surely not you, and were convinced, the National Title celebration would happen Thursday. I’m glad they like players such as you and their fellow Bryant native, Blaine Knight.

Anyway, when I started seeing Hogs fans blaming you, I wanted to reach out. You are smart and level-headed and probably already know this, but I wanted to remind you what my dad as always told me when it comes to criticism, “Consider the source.” No one in that clubhouse, your family or friends or the die-hard fans such as Mike Cormack or Hognoxious are tweeting at you. No one that cares about you. They all understand that pop-up, the loss it wasn’t your fault.

Anyone who hides behind a computer and bashes a college kid is an idiot. Period. It horrified me to see some of the things people had posted. And while you probably shrug a lot of it off, you may worry about how your family and friends take it. That’s natural, and I am sorry about that.

I’d like to say it will get better, but after becoming friends with former Hogs quarterback Clint Stoerner over the years, I’m not sure. Fans still bring up the fumble play at Tennessee in innocent and not-so-innocent ways.  So, five years from now at Wal-Mart someone might ask “How did that feel?” or 20 years from now when you are out to eat with your family someone may ask, “How the hell did you not catch that ball?”

I hope it doesn’t happen, but both the audacity and stupidity of some people has struck Clint over the past 20 years. But, like I said consider the source. He’s had to remind himself of that repeatedly.

My hope for you is that you don’t focus on that one play or those two games and remember your entire career. There were plenty of highlights, and being a part of one of two teams in Hogs history to play for a CWS title is something to be proud of.  You’ve also done plenty to make your family, coaches and teammates proud. You’ve done everything you can for five years to represent your team and hometown in a positive way.

Just don’t forget those things as you begin the next chapter. I don’t know if you will play pro baseball or coach or embark on a career, but I wish you good luck. You will be remembered by real Hog fans for more than just one play.



Nate Olson