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103.7 THE BUZZ

Bazz and Eric Sully hogs postgame after hogs loss to LSU ... See MoreSee Less

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3 days ago

103.7 THE BUZZ

Hogs fall 24-17 ... See MoreSee Less

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Buzz Guide to the Arkansas State Fair


It’s that time of year again!

The Arkansas State Fair is here and The Buzz guys are letting you know what their favorite things about the Fair are! 

Justin Acri – Dunking the Clown is my favorite game, can’t go wrong with a corn dog and I am old school, I Love going to see the livestock

Roger Scott – My favorite food is the turkey legs!, I am terrified of heights but, I do get a thrill on the good old Ferris wheel!, Trying to impress my lady – I’m a stud on any feats of strength game. Gonna win her that big stuffed animal! , I enjoy the exhibits in the Hall of Industry. Especially the scented candle booth! One of my favorite traditions is just going and Taking in the sights, the sounds and the smells of the Arkansas State Fair!

David Bazzel – My favorite is just walking around the fair… people watching, smelling the food

Eric Sullivan – I like the bumper cars, basketball goals, and extra long corndog !

Joe Franklin –   Gotta get you a Turkey Leg! I like the Big Boat Ride (not sure of the exact name), Favorite Game-Ring toss. I also love to watch the Cow Chip Throwing Contest.

Matty T. – When I was a kid my favorite ride at the fair was the Gravitron

RJ Hawk – Every year the State Fair comes up with new food and I always look forward to seeing/ tasting what they are.  

Wess Moore – The State Fair is an experience that we look forward to every year!  Love the fried food, especially the sweets!!! Can’t wait to test my skills on the games of chance. Also we love all the crazy rides!!

Randy Rainwater – This year the Fair has Sea Lions , They haven’t had them before but I do want to go see them!