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Doublebee’s Buzz BQ 2020 Important Update

An email was sent out this afternoon to all past teams & to anyone who has emailed us requesting more information. We would also like to make the public aware of our decision. The email is below:

Hello Buzz BQ Team,
Due to the extraordinary circumstances that Covid-19 has presented this year; during the 2020 Buzz BQ presented by Doublebee’s held Saturday, September 12; teams will not be handing out samples to the public in general. We will also be removing People Choice and Showmanship categories for this year’s event. We feel this move will help to maintain social distancing and let the teams compete without worrying about the interactions with the public as much. You are welcome to cook more and hand out per your comfort level but there will be no expectation to do so.
We will continue to monitor the evolving Covid-19 situation. We are implementing new health and safety protocols to make this a fun and safe event for all Teams, Judges, the Public and Staff. We will continue to keep you guys up to date on changes and some of the additional safety precautions as we get them finalized.
We feel confident that by implementing these we will be able to see Buzz BQ continue in 2020 as planned. We hope to see all of you in September!!
Buzz BQ Staff

Buzz BQ 2020 Update

🚨Save The Date 🚨
Information emails were sent out the morning of June 22nd. If you did not receive one but are a prior registrant please reach out so we can make sure we have a current email address.