The Bracket With No Name

The hosts of 103.7 The Buzz’s The Show With No Name announced this week that there will be changes made to the annual on-air event known as “The Babe Bracket”. From now on as part of a natural evolution and in an attempt to better reflect the nature of the segment, the annual, listener-voted contest will now be known as “The Bracket With No Name”. The goal of this event has always been to let Buzz listeners get to know local TV journalists and celebrities better and allow the contestants to have an open forum to show their personality, share what they are passionate about and talk to members of our great community. It is of the utmost importance to hosts Tommy Smith, David Bazzel, Roger Scott and RJ Hawk that the women who are part of the event are treated with respect and celebrated for all of the things that make them so popular with our listeners and their viewers.

The winner of this year’s Bracket With No Name will receive a spa package and in addition, 103.7 The Buzz will also be making a $500 donation to the charity of the winner’s choice.

In an effort to show transparency and to freely debate the tenets of the annual event, on Wednesday, February 21st the hosts welcomed in one of the contests harshest critics to debate specific details of the annual event. The link to that audio is below.


We encourage you to keep listening to The Show With No Name and 103.7 The Buzz. For many years we have been your home for sports and entertainment. We will continue to work to serve as your Fun and Games Station!